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Looking for a reputable company in California for your foundation repair? True to our name, Professional Foundation Repair has been in the business for over a decade, serving home and property owners in Riverside County.



We understand a foundation is essential, especially for ensuring the safety of your home. That’s why our team of repairmen aims to provide the best services at a reasonable cost. With free home inspections and financing options available, you won’t find better service anywhere else. 

Why You Should Always Work with Pros When You Need Foundation Repair


Why consider foundation repair?  

Without a firm foundation, your home won’t feel as secure as a home should. Foundation repairs and reinforcements help protect your home against natural disasters like earthquakes. Repairs can help waterproof your basement and crawl space so you can be safe, even in the event of a flood. 

Ultimately, foundation repair saves you precious time and money on damage control and increases your home’s value. And, when you work with Professional Foundation Repair, you won’t have to break the bank – we provide expert service at an affordable price.  

Some of our foundation repair services:

Earthquake retrofit 

Our team specializes in earthquake retrofits so you can be confident that your home or property is safe in an emergency. For regions like Riverside, CA, where earthquakes are common, our experts will ensure your home and its ceilings, walls and flooring are reinforced and prepared for the worst. 

Pier and beam foundation reinforcement and repair 

If you’re noticing areas of your basement or around your home sinking, we’ll strengthen your home’s existing foundation with a hydraulic push pier system. The hydraulic system reaches far beneath the ground to the bedrock and is one of the top solutions in the repair industry today.  

Carbon fiber structural installations  

We install carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) in foundation and wall cracks, concrete structuring and around columns to support them. Ten times stronger than steel and corrosion-resistant, our carbon fiber installations will keep your home or building project standing strong. 

We also provide concrete slab and raised foundation repair, real estate inspections, and structural/civil engineering services. Contact us for assistance. 

Signs of foundation problems:  


    • Cracks or fractures in the walls (indoors and outdoors) 

    • Your cabinets and countertops are away from the wall

    • The ground or flooring is sinking 

    • Mildew or mold smell in your home despite regular maintenance

    • Doors get stuck when trying to open or close them

For the best foundation repair, call the professionals. 

If you know your home or property needs repair but haven’t gotten it fixed, don’t hesitate. Contact our team today. We’ve got the best services in Riverside County. 

We’ll take care of your foundation so you and your family can focus on living your life and enjoying your property. 

We Save Houses

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