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At What Point Should You Repair Your Foundation?

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How often do you think about your foundation?  When was the last time you inspected it, or had it inspected? With some time, attention, and a little TLC, your home’s foundation can serve you well for many years, even decades. Neglect it, however, and the issues can compound until your house is falling down around your ears, costing you more time and money than you need to spend to fix it.  Doing regular inspections yourself can help catch problems early, but how do you know what’s an issue and what isn’t?  Here are a few major signs that you may need to repair your foundation.

Repair Your Foundation

Warning Signs To Look For

One of the most obvious signs it’s time to repair your foundation is the appearance of dynamic cracks. You can expect some cracks with the natural settling of any foundation. However, they should be relatively small and not change very much in size or shape. If you notice multiple cracks appearing suddenly, cracks growing in size rapidly, or noticeable gaps appearing where two surfaces meet, it’s time to get things taken care of.

Less obvious signs will appear in your house itself, and may take some time for you to notice. A door that sticks or is hard to use is a great example. For instance, it may just be a case of extreme weather causing the wood to swell and not work properly. This usually only happens sporadically, though. If you’ve got doors that are difficult to use all the time, this could be a sign that your house has settled too much and your foundation needs some work done. Other signs include floors that no longer level, and cabinets that no longer sit flush with the ceiling, if they were installed that way originally.

Last but not least, extreme soil fluctuations caused by your local weather can cause ongoing issues, if not properly maintained. When left unchecked, soil instability can lead to a loss of structural integrity, which could mean a total replacement and not just repairs.  The aftermath of flooding, and damage caused by invasive plant or tree roots can also cause major headaches, so regular inspections are vital to your foundation’s longevity.

See something worrying in your foundation? Contact us today and we’ll make sure your foundation will stand strong for years to come! Call us if you think you may need to repair your foundation.


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