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Tips for Maintaining a Three-Block Foundation

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Homeowners often overlook
foundation maintenance. It can be a critical mistake to overlook maintenance for the part of your home responsible for supporting the house. Here are three tips for keeping up with foundation maintenance.

1. Get Root Guards Installed

If you’re lucky enough to have large trees in your front yard, root guards should be installed around your foundation. Tree roots can easily break through the underground part of your foundation and cause serious damage. A root guard surrounding your foundation will help to keep your foundation safe and fully functional.

Large trees can consume up to 150 gallons of water daily, according to Purdue University. Root systems will go to great lengths to find a water source. Root guards can ensure that invasive roots do not break through your foundation to find water.

2. Replace Missing Mortar

Mortar is what holds your block foundation together. The mortar will dislodge, crack, and chip over time. It’s essential to periodically inspect and replace damaged or missing mortar in your block foundation. Freshening up the mortar can extend the life of your foundation and improve durability. Regular foundation maintenance should include an inspection of the mortar.

New mortar can be placed right over the old mortar. This process will instantly freshen up your foundation and provide the protection you need for your home.

3. Get Erosion Around Your Foundation Repaired

Soil erosion is a fact of life. Improper drainage around your foundation can expedite the process. Periodically inspect your foundation for evidence of erosion. You may need to have the drainage system around your home adjusted and then have the soil replenished around your foundation. Replenishing soil around your foundation is part of a good foundation maintenance plan.

The weight of the average foundation is about 7.5 tons, according to This Old House. Erosion and shifts in soil combined with the massive weight of your foundation are a recipe for disaster. Keep an eye out for signs of erosion.

Many homeowners choose professional foundation maintenance to manage their foundation. Professional maintenance can ensure that your foundation is taken care of without worrying about the time commitment required by a DIY maintenance routine. Call Hy-Tech Foundation Repair today to learn more about how we can assist with maintenance for your block foundation.


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