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Our Patented Best-in-Business Wells Concentric Piers for Foundation Stabilization in Southern California

Professional Foundation Repair is proud to offer our exclusive, patented, Wells Contentric Piers for structural foundation reinforcement and underpinning. Our piers are designed to give homeowners and property owners the peace of mind that comes from having the soundest, most stable foundation possible. Freedom from worries about foundation issues lets you focus on other priorities. Our unique design delivers all of that by providing unparalleled strength, stability, and security. 

In Southern California, where geological conditions can lead to foundation issues and safety concerns, water might cause more than you think, thereby underlining the importance of installing foundation drainage systems. A proper foundation waterproofing and drainage system is essential to protect your home from water damage, soil erosion, and potential structural instability. In Southern California, the high clay content in the soil poses a significant risk to foundations, as it swells when wet and shrinks when dry, exerting pressure on the foundation walls.

Without adequate waterproofing and drainage measures, water can seep into the foundation, leading to cracks, mold growth, and even foundation settlement. These issues can compromise the structural integrity of your home and pose a safety hazard to occupants.

Professional Foundation Repair in Garden Grove, in conjunction with our sister company, Professional Drainage Experts, can provide a complete solution to your home’s foundation problems. We’ll treat not just the symptoms of your issues, but the root cause – and that can include drainage and waterproofing solutions. 

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Unique Pier Design

Our exclusive concentric pier design offers greater, strength, stability, and durability than typical helical or push piers. Here are the differences:

  • Our piers are placed directly beneath the foundation walls, instead of attaching to the side of the walls. This makes for a stronger connection and provides stronger structural reinforcement.
  • Like hydraulic push piers, our piers, are also driven into the soil with hydraulic equipment. However, our double-sided Schedule 40 steel shaft enables our piers to reach deeper, until they hit strata, or bedrock, redistributing the load of the foundation from the loose and unstable soil to the solid, bedrock layer.
  • The unique pier design of Wells Concentric Piers prevents buckling, technically known as Euler buckling, over time. This means our piers are last longer, providing a safe and stable foundation for years to come.
  • Our piers have a proven load-bearing capacity of up to 105,000 lbs. - nearly twice that of regular helical or push piers. This means less likelihood of future shifting or buckling, and a more durable foundation solution that lasts longer.
  • Wells Concentric Piers can be adjusted where necessary to accommodate shifts in the bedrock layer due to seismic activity, without requiring an additional, full foundation repair installation.
With our exclusive, patented technology and experienced installation team, you can trust that your home or building will be supported by the strongest foundation possible.

How Do You Know?
You may have a few small things that could lead to a quick fix before your foundation needs major work.

The Installation Process for Wells Concentric Piers in Southern California Foundation Repair

Professional Foundation Repair’s Wells Concentric Piers feature a unique design that makes them a better solution for stabilizing and securing foundations in Southern California. However, the installation process for our piers is very similar to standard hydraulic push piers. 

Steps for installing Wells Concentric Piers:

  1. Determine the location for installing the hydraulic push piers. This is typically done by one of our structural engineers after inspecting the property for signs of foundation settlement.
  2. Our expert team will prepare the area by clearing out any obstacles or debris that may hinder the installation process. This may involve digging a small hole or trench near the foundation where the piers will be placed.
  3. The Wells Concentric Piers are into the ground using a hydraulic system. This process involves inserting steel piers into the soil beneath the foundation until they reach stable bedrock or load-bearing strata.
  4. Our team then connects the piers to the bottom of the foundation using steel brackets or plates. These brackets will help transfer the structure’s weight onto the piers, providing additional support and stability.
  5. Next, we will gradually lift and stabilize the foundation using the hydraulic push pier system. This may involve adjusting the pressure of the piers to ensure that the foundation is properly supported and aligned.
  6. We’ll then fill in any holes or trenches created during the installation process and restore the area to its original condition.
  7. Finally, our structural engineers will conduct a final inspection to ensure the Wells Concentric Piers are properly installed and the foundation is stable. Make any necessary adjustments or repairs as needed.
  8. Schedule regular maintenance and inspections to monitor the performance of the piers and address any potential issues before they escalate. 

Our company specializes in foundation repair and construction services, using advanced techniques such as Wells Concentric Piers and other solutions for various types of foundations including raised and slab foundations. We are uniquely qualified to handle any type of foundation repair solution, but we are the only company that offers our Wells Concentric Piers for long-term durability and stability in foundation repair. 

With a focus on Southern California regions like Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County, Professional Foundation Repair is a trustworthy choice for earthquake retrofitting and foundation repair needs. Our experienced team ensures a secure foundation for all properties.

Expert Foundation Assessments for Your Peace of Mind

Our team of experienced professionals conducts thorough assessments to identify any foundation issues and provide you with detailed reports. With our expertise, you can have confidence in the condition of your home’s foundation.

Wells Concentric Piers: Exclusively Available from Professional Foundation Repair, Inc.

At Professional Foundation Repair, Inc., we are proud to be the exclusive provider of innovative Wells Concentric Piers for foundation repair. Our patented piers are designed to provide superior strength and stability for even the most challenging foundation issues. This groundbreaking solution is unavailable from any other foundation repair company in Southern California – or anywhere. As the inventors of Wells Concentric Piers, Professional Foundation Repair stands alone with the best foundation reinforcement solution.

The Wells Concentric Pier is a revolutionary solution for homes with settling or sinking foundations. They’re engineered to distribute the structure’s weight evenly and provide long-lasting support. These piers are constructed of high-quality materials and are installed by our team of experienced professionals. 

When you choose Professional Foundation Repair, Inc., you can trust that you’re getting the highest level of service and expertise. Our team will assess your foundation issues and recommend the best solution for your home. With the Wells Concentric Piers, you can rest assured that your foundation will be reinforced and stabilized for years to come.
Don’t trust just anyone with your foundation repair needs. Choose the experts at Professional Foundation Repair, Inc. and experience the difference that Wells Concentric Piers can make for your home. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about this exclusive foundation repair solution. 

Real Experiences From Real People.

Jon C
Jon C
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I had a botched Foundation job at my property, where I fired the contractor and needed to start over on the project. I found Professional Foundation Repair on Yelp and talked to Ozzy. After an initial offer, they were honest with me in saying they would rather start the work completely over rather than continue from the abandoned work, if it was to be done right.
M Chen
M Chen
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Ozzy came out and did a thorough job inspecting my foundation. He’s very friendly and easy to work with. Gave me his honest opinion and gave me a fair quote. Then Blake came out and supervised the project. Him and his crew did a very good job updating my foundation! Great team from the start until the end. Highly recommend this company.
Angel H
Angel H
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Reached out to professional foundation repair for a foundation inspection during escrow. They were able to arrange the inspection the very next day. Inspector was very knowledgeable and thorough. He explained his findings, gave us his opinions on the repairs and told us the estimated timeframe for the work that needs to be done. The inspection report listed out all the details of the findings, recommendation of work needs to be done with pictures.

About Professional Foundation Repair

Professional Foundation Repair stands out as the #1 foundation repair company in Southern California, offering innovative solutions such as Wells Concentric Piers. Our patented technology and expertise in hydraulic push piers guarantee a reliable foundation underpinning process.

We also specialize in real estate inspections, helping homeowners increase their property value through secure foundation solutions. Whether it’s a concrete slab or a crawl space foundation, Professional Foundation Repair’s services cover every aspect of foundation repair.

Serving areas like Long Beach, Fullerton, Santa Ana, and Whittier, we have established ourselves as the go-to choice for foundation repair and earthquake retrofitting projects. 

Contact us today for your foundation repair consultation. Our team of experts stands ready to assist in any foundation repair issue.

Why Choose Us

Professional Foundation Repair provides unmatched customer service, making us the top choice for foundation repair projects in Southern California. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other companies in the region.

With a focus on Orange, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties, our dedication to secure foundation solutions is evident in every project weundertake. By using advanced techniques like our Wells Concentrice Piers and others, we guarantee a stable and durable foundation for all property types.

Choosing Professional Foundation Repair means partnering with a team that prioritizes quality, efficiency, and long-term structural integrity. Our services in regions like San Pedro, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, and more ensure that properties stand strong against various environmental factors.


Professional Foundation Repair has earned the title of the top foundation repair company due to our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction. With a strong presence in Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County, we excel in providing exceptional foundation repair solutions.

Our expertise in various foundation types, including slab foundations and crawl spaces, allows us to address a wide range of structural issues effectively. Whether in Long Beach, Fullerton, Santa Ana, Whittier, or other nearby areas, our services are synonymous with reliability and excellence.

By offering comprehensive services like earthquake retrofitting and concrete slab repairs, Professional Foundation Repair ensures that properties in Southern California are well-protected and maintain their value over time.

Our Comprehensive Services for Foundation Repair in Southern California

Professional Foundation Repair offers a wide range of services tailored to the diverse foundation repair needs in Southern California. From concrete slab repairs to earthquake retrofitting, our expertise covers all aspects of foundation maintenance and repair.

Our specialized solutions, including our exclusive Wells Concentric Piers and other advanced technologies, cater to different foundation types such as slab foundations and crawl spaces. By addressing specific structural issues, we ensure the long-term stability and strength of properties across Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County.

With a keen focus on customer service and quality workmanship, Professional Foundation Repair guarantees a seamless experience from project consultation to completion. Our services in areas like La Habra, Torrance, and other Southern California regions reflect their commitment to delivering secure and reliable foundation solutions.

Customer Service Is Our #1 Priority

At Professional Foundation Repair, Inc., customer service is at the core of everything we do. Our experienced team is dedicated to exceeding expectations and providing unparalleled support throughout every foundation repair project in Southern California.

We understand the importance of a secure foundation for your property’s structural integrity and overall value. That’s why our services in regions like Long Beach, Fullerton, and Santa Ana are designed to enhance the safety and stability of your home or commercial building.

Trust Professional Foundation Repair for all your foundation repair and construction needs in Southern California. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for ensuring a strong and durable foundation that stands the test of time.

This allows us to ensure durable, long-term solutions to foundation issues, maintaining a level and secure foundation for years to come. 

Contact Us Today for Your Foundation Inspection and Repair Consultation

If you need a foundation inspection and consultation in Southern California, contact us at [phone number] or email us at [email address]. Our team of experienced professionals will be happy to assist you and provide  the information and guidance you need to address any foundation issues you may be experiencing.

Don’t hesitate to call us for help – we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

Wells Concentric Piers Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wells Concentric Piers?

Wells Concentric Piers are a type of foundation stabilization and repair method designed and used exclusively by Professional Foundation Repair in Southern California. They are uniquely designed steel piers that are driven into the ground in a concentric pattern beneath the foundation of a building to help stabilize and support it.

When should Wells Concentric Piers be used?

Wells Concentric Piers are commonly used when a building’s foundation has settled or shifted due to poor soil conditions, excessive moisture, or other factors. They can help to lift and stabilize the foundation, preventing further damage to the building.

How are Wells Concentric Piers installed?

Wells Concentric Piers are installed by driving them into the ground with hydraulic equipment. Once the piers are in place, they are connected to the foundation using steel brackets or plates. The weight of the building is then transferred onto the piers, providing additional support and stability.

What are the benefits of using Wells Concentric Piers for foundation repair?

Some of the benefits of using Wells Concentric Piers for foundation repair include: 

  • The unique design makes Wells Concentric Piers stronger than typical hydraulic push piers. Wells Concentric Piers have a proven load capacity of up to 105,000 lbs., enabling them to provide greater stability over time. 
  • The double-sided shaft of Schedule 40 steel is longer and can be driven further into the ground, ensuring that strata or bedrock is reached. This allows us to transfer the foundation load from loose soil to the security of the stable bedrock layer. 
  • Wells Concentric Piers’ design prevents the buckling that can occur over time with typical hydraulic push piers, known as Euler buckling. This means homeowners can have peace of mind knowing their foundation solution will be stable and secure for years to come, and they are less likely to have to replace or adjust piers in the future. 

How long do Wells Concentric Piers last?

Wells Concentric Piers are designed to last for many years and provide long-lasting support for the foundation of a building. With proper installation and maintenance, they can help to prevent further foundation issues and stabilize the structure for years to come.

Do Wells Concentric Piers require regular maintenance?

Wells Concentric Piers are typically low maintenance once they are installed. However, it is important to periodically inspect the piers and foundation for any signs of movement or settlement to ensure that they are functioning properly. Regular maintenance can help to prevent future issues and prolong the lifespan of the piers. 

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