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It is not unusual to come across a sinking foundation as various issues cause this. Often, we hear people saying that the foundation of their houses is sinking, and they do not know what to do. However, the best way is to fix that foundation before it degenerates into something worse that might cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

Fixing a Settling Foundation: A Brief Guide for Homeowners

Settling of foundations is caused by several issues such as soil expansion and contraction, extreme rainfall, or plumbing leaks. Therefore, it is best to repair the foundation once the problem is identified. The first step is to contact a Foundation repair Engineer who shall offer viable solutions to fix the sinking foundation.

How to Fix a Settling Foundation

Several signs can help you know if your foundation is settling. The following are signs you can look for if you feel like something is wrong with your house:

  • Gaps in the joint of the foundation
  • Sticking doors
  • Shifting floors
  • Horizontal Foundation cracks
  • Foggy windows
  • Vertical wall cracks

Once you notice any of these signs, it is imperative that you call a foundation repair contractor to assess the situation and offer the best solution to fix this problem. Repair contractors will advise you to install piers, also known as pilings, to fix settling foundations. This is because they are strong and can support the weight of your house effortlessly.

The enlisted contractor and their crew excavate under the specific settling area of the foundation of your house. Once they have made a sizeable excavation, they will place piers under the foundation and push to the point of stability. Once installed, the piers will lift the foundation to almost its original level. While there are several types of pilings used to fix a sinking foundation, Concrete and Steel piers are the most popular pilings types.

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