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Blog: Indications of Foundation Failure

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Foundation Failure

Foundation failure puts your home and your family at risk. A home’s foundation may fail for many reasons, ranging from improper construction to weather conditions that affect your soil. If your foundation is failing, Professional Foundation Repair, Inc. can help you assess the situation and provide the best option for repair.

Poor Construction Techniques

During home construction, the foundation should be laid as one continuous pour, rather than taking multiple days to complete this process. A pour that is interrupted will have “cold joints” that create weak points in the foundation. After the concrete has been laid, it should be allowed to dry slowly for three days. Improper drying techniques may also lead to weak points in a foundation that fail later on. Additionally, if your home’s foundation was laid over soil or rock that was not sufficiently compacted prior to pouring, a significant amount of home settling may occur long after the fact.

Improper Drainage

Clogged gutters or poorly-placed downspouts don’t properly funnel water away from your home. Water that pools around your foundation affect the soil supporting your home, causing shifting and settling. Any cracks that form in your foundation allow moisture into your home and can cause further damage to the foundation as time goes on.

Weather Conditions

Prolonged drought has a significant effect on the soil and plants around your home. Expansive clay can experience large changes under drought conditions, pulling away from your home. Without the support of the surrounding soil, your home’s foundation settles and cracks. Tree roots questing for water in dry conditions can also breach your foundation, causing cracks that allow settling as well as soil and moisture to enter your home.

A failing foundation is a cause for concern, but repairs can be made to prevent further damage to your home. If you believe your foundation is failing, schedule a free home inspection from Professional Foundation Repair, Inc. by calling 800 926 0058. We proudly offer foundation and drainage solutions to restore your home’s structural safety and equity. Click through our blog to learn more about foundations and why they fail.


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