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Indications That Your Home is Sinking

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Sinking Home

Of all the issues that can result from foundation problems, a sinking home is one of the worst. We’ve listed some information about the warning signs that your house is sinking below. If you have seen any of these issues occurring in your home, call a foundation repair provider as soon as you can for assistance.

Breaking Walls

When a foundation sinks, a tremendous amount of force is exerted on the structure of the house. In the vast majority of cases, this causes walls to bow inward and outward, which is usually very noticeable. Because of the strain, walls and ceilings may also develop cracks or break completely. If not fixed in a timely enough manner, water and insects can come into the house, causing further damage and stress.

Structure Cracks

Foundation problems, such as sinking, often cause cracks to form in houses. Some of the most common areas that crack develop are around windows and doors. Exterior cracks close to the base of the home or in walls may also be visible. If any of these cracks become larger or worsen considerably over time, there’s a strong likelihood that your home’s foundation may be sinking.

Crooked Floors

Houses usually sink into the ground unevenly. For example, one side of the house might sink while the other side stays upright. This usually causes the floors in certain rooms in the house to slant or become crooked. In extreme instances, floors that cannot bear the pressure exerted by the shifting foundation will crack as well. Because these conditions may make a home unsafe to live in, you should contact a professional quickly for repairs.

A sinking house is not enjoyable to think about. Fortunately, if this problem does happen, there is a company that is always here to help you: Professional Foundation Repair, Inc. We are committed to not only providing superior foundation repair services but also taking the stress out of your hands when your home’s foundation begins to fail. For more information about our company, call our office in Fort Worth at 800 926 0058.


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